What To Do if You’ve Been Accused of Domestic Violence in Morristown, NJ
Posted by Scott Gorman - January 31, 2022

Facing domestic violence allegations is serious. It can have immediate consequences (if your accuser obtains a temporary restraining order, the police can remove you from your house and arrest you); and, if you get convicted, you can face fines, jail time and other penalties. So, what do you need to do if you’ve been accused?  Morristown domestic violence lawyer Scott Gorman explains:

Do Not Resist Arrest

Once you’ve been accused of domestic violence, you need to avoid making matters worse. If the police come to arrest you or tell you to leave your home, do not resist. Refusing to comply, struggling and attempting to flee are all mistakes that you will regret in the very near future.

Exercise Your Right to Remain Silent

While it is important not to resist arrest, it is equally important not to say anything prosecutors will be able to use against you. Aside from identifying yourself, you do not have to provide any information to the police that could lead to your conviction in court. With this in mind, it is best not to say anything at all. Politely inform the police that you are exercising your rights and that you need to speak with your lawyer.

Make Sure You Understand the Allegations Against You

Domestic violence can take many different forms. If you have been accused of domestic violence, you need to make sure you know the specific allegations against you. Are you being accused of stalking? Assault? Child endangerment? Sexual violence? These are all very different charges that require very different defense strategies.

Get Prepared

Domestic violence cases move quickly in New Jersey. The courts handle requests for temporary restraining orders on an emergency basis, and they err on the side of protecting alleged victims. As a result, you need to quickly get yourself prepared for what is to come. You need to make sure you know your legal rights, when you need to show up in court, and what you need to do to protect yourself.

Take Notes

When defending yourself against domestic violence allegations, it is important to have as many details – and as much evidence – as possible. With this in mind, you should take notes to record your version of what happened. Timing can be particularly important in domestic violence cases, so make sure you accurately record the order of events.

Talk to a Lawyer

Finally, you need to discuss your situation with a lawyer. Due to the challenges and potential consequences involved, fighting domestic violence allegations requires experienced legal representation. Regardless of whether you believe you are innocent or guilty, you should not try to handle your situation on your own.

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