Report: Police Are Cracking Down on Non-Fatal Gun Violence in New Jersey
Posted by Scott Gorman - September 30, 2022

Police in Morristown and other cities across New Jersey are cracking down on non-fatal gun violence. This is according to a report from New Jersey 101.5, which notes that for years the vast majority of these crimes have gone unreported.

The report cites research suggesting that for every fatal shooting, there are “roughly three-and-a-half to four non-fatal shootings” that don’t make headlines. The report also notes that while these shootings may be non-fatal, they still often have devastating consequences for victims and their families.

In an effort to curb gun violence in New Jersey, the police are cracking down on these non-fatal shootings. Prosecutors are aggressively pursuing charges as well. Individuals arrested for gun violence can face a variety of charges—and these charges can lead to substantial fines and long terms of imprisonment.

Non-Fatal Shootings Can Lead to Multiple Criminal Charges in Morristown

Shooting someone is prosecuted as the crime of assault under New Jersey law. In the vast majority of cases, prosecutors will pursue charges for aggravated assault. Aggravated assault charges can involve allegations of:

  • Causing “serious bodily injury to another . . . purposely or knowingly or under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to the value of human life recklessly caus[ing] such injury;”
  • “Attempt[ing] to cause or purposely or knowingly caus[ing] bodily injury to another with a deadly weapon;” or,
  • “Recklessly caus[ing] bodily injury to another with a deadly weapon.”

Depending on the circumstances of the case, aggravated assault can be either a second-degree, third-degree or fourth-degree indictable offense. Third-degree indictable offenses carry up to a $15,000 fine and three to five years in prison, while fourth-degree charges carry up to a $10,000 fine and 18 months behind bars.

Along with aggravated assault charges, in non-fatal shooting cases, prosecutors may also seek to bring charges for a variety of weapons offenses. For example, common charges in non-fatal shooting cases (in addition to aggravated assault) include:

  • Ghost gun violations
  • Gun permit violations
  • Handgun violations
  • Unlawful possession of assault weapons or bump stocks
  • Unlawful transportation of firearms

All of these are serious offenses that carry substantial penalties as well. With New Jersey’s focus on combating gun violence, individuals charged with these firearm-related offenses in Morristown can expect prosecutors to seek the maximum penalties available—and they will need experienced legal representation to protect themselves against unnecessary consequences.

When it comes to defending against allegations of aggravated assault and related weapons offenses, there are a variety of potential defenses available. But, the defenses that are available in any particular case will depend on the unique facts involved. This includes not only the facts surrounding the alleged shooting but also those surrounding the suspect’s arrest and interrogation.

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