High-Purity Heroin in New Jersey: Enforcement Agencies Are Cracking Down
Posted by Scott Gorman - October 31, 2015

A recent Drug Enforcement Administration report confirmed that New Jersey has some of the purist heroin available in the entire country. The DEA’s report was issued to advise residents of the high risks involved with pure heroin and its usage, and Passaic Co. drug possession attorneys like Scott Gorman wants you to be aware of the legal risks and potential criminal charges and penalties that can be incurred as a result of using, selling, or even having heroin in your possession.

What You Need to Know

The heroin in New Jersey has an average 58 percent purity level, which is up 12 percent from what the DEA reported in 2011. Although there is a common perception that heroin sales and usage only happen in the inner cities, in alleyways and around dark corners, the suburbs of New Jersey (especially the affluent neighborhoods), are seeing more and more drug usage. Experts in the Administration say that high-purity heroin is much more addictive, with users feeling the need for more after only one or two bags, compared to the users in the 1970s, who were accustomed to heroin with only two or four percent purity. Officials and administrators have labeled the heroin problem in the state as an “epidemic,” and accordingly, they are pushing for reforms to the drug laws.

Why Is Reform Needed?

As part of the quest for reform, law enforcement officials in all counties were given Naloxone (also known as Narcan), an anti-opioid drug, to test its effectiveness in preventing heroin-related deaths. Narcan is a nasal spray that blocks the opiate receptors and displaces the heroin to prevent the user from overdosing. Unfortunately, many people have died due to heroin overdoses over the years.

One of the main dangers of high-purity heroin is that the quality can change from bag to bag, so much so that a user who is accustomed to one type or strength of heroin can obtain a bag of higher quality, be unaware of its potency and subsequently overdose. The drug is also a cost-effective option for recreational usage, with bags going for as little as $5. Young people frequently prefer the drug because it can be smoked or inhaled without the need for injecting it. But when the market for high-purity heroin is aimed at a younger age demographic, the consequences—both legally and health-wise—can be even more severe.

Young people who have been caught with heroin, whether they were using it, were high on it at the time or were simply holding it in their possession, can face serious penalties, including extended jail time, rehabilitation requirements and steep fines. The stigma attached to a serious drug conviction can have negative implications on a person’s future careers, educational opportunities, and overall personal life.

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