DUI and Employer Complications
Posted by Scott Gorman - September 3, 2015

Driving while intoxicated can cost you more than your license, higher insurance premiums, a criminal record, and a monetary fine, even if it is your first offense. Essex County DUI lawyers warn drivers in New Jersey that the repercussions for driving drunk go beyond the scope of the law. In a recent case, a local doctor at Newark-Wayne Community Hospital was censured after he was convicted of a DUI—a choice that many employers can take based on their employees’ actions and the line of work in which they are involved.

Dr. Arun Nagpaul, 48, was charged with drunk driving in December of 2012. He claims that he was not on duty that evening and that he had only had one drink and drove back home. Although he did not cause any damage to other drivers or any property, he was pulled over and brought in for driving while intoxicated. According to the reports, he pleaded guilty in New York to drunk driving as a misdemeanor charge, and was fined $500, with a $400 surcharge. But although his legal responsibility was taken care of with the fine and the conviction on his record, the state’s medical board took things a little further.

The New York State Board for Professional Medical Conduct recently censured Dr. Nagpaul, and fined him $1,500 for his DUI conviction. Dr. Nagpaul, who has been licensed to practice medicine in New York since 2001, is an internist and medical director at Newark-Wayne, which is a division of the Rochester Regional Health System. He also serves as medical director for Wayne County Public Health, and is a member of the county health services advisory board. In addition to the hefty fine from the medical board, Dr. Nagpaul submitted to an evaluation for alcohol abuse, as well as random drug tests as mandated by the hospital.

Although Dr. Nagpaul does not drive primarily for his job—a DUI conviction can be a death sentence for someone who works as a school bus driver, truck driver, taxi driver, or other transportation-related field—he still faced repercussions from the state’s Department of Medicine due to his field of work and his actions.

In New Jersey, driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is not a crime, but it may be subject to censure by an employer under the company’s policies and procedures, Essex County DUI lawyers say. Some companies specifically include clauses in their hiring manuals or contracts that prohibit drunk driving, and state that a DUI conviction can be grounds for lawful termination. In the medical field, a certain sense of responsibility is expected, and some medical boards or institutions will take steps to reprimand those who do not uphold the expectations.

A DUI conviction can be damaging to your legal history, your personal life, and your professional career. If you are facing drunk driving charges and complications from your employer such as firing, fines, or censure, contact Scott Gorman, a DUI attorney in Essex County. At the Gorman Law Firm, Scott works to keep New Jersey drivers from the unpleasant repercussions that could come as a result from a drunk driving incident.

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