Car Theft Can Lead To Multiple Criminal Charges in Morristown, NJ
Posted by Scott Gorman - September 16, 2022

As we recently discussed, the police are cracking down on car theft in Morristown and the surrounding areas. In that article, we discussed the risks of facing prosecution under New Jersey’s theft statute, which include up to a $15,000 fine and three to five years in prison—or up to 30 years in prison if prosecutors seek a conviction for carjacking.

But, while facing a theft or carjacking charge is an extremely serious matter, this isn’t the only risk facing those charged with car theft. As the Morristown Patch recently reported, individuals who are arrested for car theft in the city may face a variety of other charges as well.

High-Speed Chase Leads to Multiple Arrests and Multiple Charges

According to an article in the Morristown Patch, on September 9, 2022, Morris County police arrested five individuals following “a high-speed chase in a stolen Porsche.” The news outlet reports that all five suspects fled the vehicle after attempting to evade the police and were subsequently apprehended on foot. Reportedly, the police received a call from a concerned citizen who said that the suspects were attempting to steal vehicles from local driveways; and when the police tracked down the suspects’ stolen Porsche Cayenne, the suspects attempted to flee until the luxury SUV broke down.

In discussing the case with the media, Morris County Prosecutor Robert J. Carroll referred to the state’s ongoing efforts to combat the recent rise in car thefts in the area. Carroll referred to the “repetitive crime” and noted that it is “the subject of intensive study and action by local, county and state law enforcement, the judiciary and governmental officials at all levels.”

The Morristown Patch notes that the police are focusing specifically on “thefts involve[ing] high-end vehicles taken directly from driveways because owners leave them unlocked with the key fob inside.” It also notes that New Jersey is on pace for a record number of car thefts in 2022.

Perhaps in an effort to deter future thefts. Morris County prosecutors are pursuing multiple charges against the suspects involved. In addition to car theft, the suspects are also reportedly facing the following charges:

  • Unlawfully joyriding in a vehicle
  • Conspiracy to commit burglary
  • Resisting arrest by flight

All of these are serious criminal offenses that carry substantial penalties under New Jersey law. If convicted, the suspects could potentially face decades behind bars. Other individuals arrested for car theft under similar circumstances in Morristown could face similar risks, and they will need an experienced defense lawyer to protect them to the fullest extent possible.

Are You Facing Charges Related to Car Theft in Morristown?

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