Arrested in Essex County, NJ? Here’s What You Need to Know
Posted by Scott Gorman - December 17, 2020

Have you been arrested in Essex County, New Jersey? If so, you are facing jail or prison time regardless of the charge (or charges) against you. But, you could also have several defenses available; and, if you are a first-time offender, you could be eligible for a diversionary program. In any case, you will need an experienced Essex County criminal defense attorney on your side, and you will need to speak with your attorney as soon as possible.

5 Important Facts About Facing Criminal Charges in Essex County, NJ

Here are five important facts you need to know if you have been arrested in Essex County, NJ:

1. All Crimes Carry Fines and Jail (or Prison) Time in New Jersey

In New Jersey, all crimes carry fines and jail (or prison) time. This includes all petty disorderly persons offenses, all disorderly persons offenses and all indictable offenses. Depending on the crime (or crimes) with which you have been charged, you could be looking at anywhere from a $500 to $200,000 fine, and anywhere from 30 days to life behind bars.

2. You Could Be Entitled to a “Not Guilty” Verdict Even if You Think You Committed a Crime

Even if you think you committed a crime, you could still be entitled to a “not guilty” verdict at trial. First of all, you could be wrong. Second of all, even if you did engage in criminal conduct, there are still several defenses an attorney may be able to assert in order to send you home.

3. Many First-Time Offenders in Essex County are Eligible for Diversionary Programs

If this is your first arrest, you may be eligible to enter into one of New Jersey’s diversionary programs. These are programs that allow you to resolve your case without going to trial, and without a criminal conviction on your record. However, not everyone is eligible; and, even if you are eligible, you will still need to decide:

  • Whether it is in your best interests to seek entry into a diversionary program or fight for a not guilty verdict; and,
  • Whether you are willing to comply with the conditions of diversion.

4. You Need to Think Carefully About Whether You Will Speak in Court

Another important decision you need to make is whether you will testify in your criminal case. While testifying is the right option in some circumstances, it is clearly the wrong option in others. In order to decide, you will need to carefully assess the variables of your case with the help of your criminal defense attorney.

5. You Need to Fight Your Charge (or Charges) By All Means Available

Due to the severe consequences of getting convicted in Essex County court, you need to fight your charge (or charges) by all means available. You should not assume that you are guilty, and you should not assume that you will be convicted in court. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you make the right decisions and feel confident that you are doing everything possible to preserve your future.

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