“Our experience with Mr. Gorman as our son’s defense attorney was that he was nothing less than professional, courteous, and articulate throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend his services to those in need.”

Lenore K.

“One of the difficult times in my life was made much easier to handle with the counsel of Scott Gorman. When I was charged with DWI, I had many questions about the penalties associated with DWI, the judicial process, and what possible defenses could be raised in my defense. Scott treated myself and my family with the utmost respect and he made himself available around the clock. Scott answered all of my questions and broke down the legal process so that I had a full understanding of all events. I can honestly say that Scott made me feel as though I was his only client. Scott is trustworthy, compassionate and professional. Ultimately, as a result of Scott’s efforts, the municipal prosecutor offered a plea deal that allowed me to plead guilty to a minor motor vehicle offense and the charge of DWI was dismissed. The outcome of my case speaks volumes about Scott’s dedication to his clients. I would highly recommend Scott.”

Kristin B.

“I just wanted to say THANKS AGAIN for all your assistance during my final restraining order appeal and hearing. Since my case involved a restraining order, I was truly terrified of what the end result could be, however, every time we corresponded (whether it was email or phone) you knew exactly what was going on, and how to guide me, which made me realize that I definitely picked the right person to handle my case. Your professionalism, courtesy, and kindness, made me feel very comfortable and confident working with you. The outcome of my case came out exactly as I wanted…as a winner!! In addition, even though you handled my case a couple of years ago, I recently had to touch base with you to ask you some general information. True to form, you were there, ready, willing and able to assist me. Not only that, but as soon as I called you, you remembered exactly who I was and what my case was about. You are a true asset to anyone in need and I would recommend you highly to anyone that needs to hire an attorney.”

Carolyn D.

“In October of 2011 I was pulled over for a motor vehicle offense that, according to the municipal prosecutor, would carry a 30 day suspension of license. Since I drive for a living and my employer stated that any loss of license is an automatic termination of employment, I started searching for an attorney. One of my friends suggested Scott. From the moment we first spoke I knew that he was going to fight my case with everything he had. We made several court appearances because the prosecutor would not budge on the suspension, but ultimately Scott got my ticket reduced to an offense that carried no suspension of my driving privileges, no insurance premiums, and a fine that I could afford. Thank you Scott for all your hard work!!!”

Robert B.

  “I hired Scott to defend me in a criminal defense case. From the start, I felt comfortable with Scott. He explained my situation to me and answered my questions. At the same time, he related his previous experience dealing with similar cases. Finally, he explained the process ahead and possible outcomes. I had done extensive research and had prepared a list of lawyers to interview. After meeting Scott, I threw my list away and hired Scott. Scott’s professionalism put me at ease through the process and his persistence resulted in a favorable outcome. There were several unexpected events in my case. Scott pro-actively monitored and remediated each event. Meanwhile, he kept me informed of each event, its ramifications on my case, and the action he had taken. On my court date, Scott turned a tough situation into a favorable outcome. I would hire Scott again and would recommend him to my friends and relatives.”

Charles L.

“I recently used Scott for one of my cases and I must say he is an amazing and very professional lawyer that gets the job done. He stays on top of your case and always keeps in contact with you. I would recommend Scott to any of my friends or family if they needed a great lawyer.”

Douglas F.

“I would strongly recommend Scott Gorman for an attorney. He was always in touch with me and kept me informed every step of the way. If I e-mailed him he would get back to me within a day. I ended up getting the deal I wanted for months. As an attorney I think he goes above and beyond his duties.”

Laurie B.

  “Both my boyfriend and I are very pleased with Scott's overall support during a very difficult and trying time. Scott was there on weekends, off hours and basically anytime we needed him; he would always be in constant communication. During this difficult time, Scott was able to clearly and honestly educate us on the laws, and the overall process so there were no surprises. The level of professionalism and experience that Scott brings to the table ended us with an overall win in court! Scott also took it a step further and followed up on any other lingering concerns, which goes to show that he genuinely cares about his clients. Overall, I can say with a high level of confidence that working with Scott will guarantee you concierge’s level of service and peace of mind!”

Jessica S.

“My inquiries were answered in an efficient and timely manner. He thoroughly laid out all the options for my case. My decisions were respected and supported. Mr. Gorman was prepared when presenting my case and the Judge ruled in my favor. I would without a doubt recommend Scott Gorman to others.”

Anisha A.

“My son was involved in a collision in South Jersey. He has tattoos and wears a baseball cap and it was clear from the onset that the police were profiling him as a drug/alcohol abuser and were more interested in proving their prejudice than securing proper medical treatment for my son. I received what is every mother's worst nightmare...a phone call from EMT's telling me that my son was involved in a head-on collision and they were transporting him to a local hospital. We live in Philadelphia and by the time I got to the hospital, despite his injuries, the police had rushed the ER team to release him into their custody so that they could test him at the police dept. They had a citation for a DWI already written out BEFORE they even tested him. I knew it was time to shop for a lawyer. When we met with Scott, I knew I could stop shopping. FIRST & BEST! He is a family man, he was prompt, professional, and despite his being a Rangers fan very charming and engaging. ;-) He explained the process to us, what our options were and what the best and worst outcomes might be and his rates were very fair AND he returns phone calls and emails promptly. (If you've ever hired a lawyer...that's HUGE!!!) Thanks to Scott, a hearing proved unnecessary, the case was settled quickly, the DWI was dismissed and the outcome was the best we could ask for. Hopefully, my family and I won't be in need of legal services anytime soon but if we do, I would hire Scott again in a heartbeat!”

Joan H.

“Mr. Gorman is very respectful, knowledgeable, kind and understanding. He made me feel at total ease with his answers to all of my questions, and I had a lot. He never made me feel as though I was bothering him or wasting his time. I called once not knowing he was on vacation and still he made me feel as though I was his only client.”

Mary M.

“Scott treated me with respect, and was always available for any of my many questions. I was ticketed for a DWI violation and was extremely stressed. I sat down with Scott and he walked me thru the process and what to expect during the course of our defense. He approached the case with a firm understanding of my case and immediately began asking for what information that the police had and quickly developed a strategy to defend my position. We had 5 court dates and Scott was by my side for each one, and he made several motions in an attempt to resolve my case in my favor. He called me numerous times to keep me informed. I am very pleased to say the Judge dismissed my case based on one of the motions filed by Scott, which was for lack of probable cause. Even if the case went against me my review would not have changed one bit. Thank you Scott for everything !!!”

Melissa W.

“Mr. Gorman is a very professional, honest, trustworthy, caring, reasonable, responsible, and much more of an attorney. It was a pleasure having him as a lawyer. He made everything so easy for me. He was there if I had a question and took care of everything from A-Z exactly the way that he promised me when I first met him. I am super happy with his service and recommend him to everyone.”

Lily V.

“In late December 2010 I was arrested and charged with DWI and speeding. One of my close friends suggested I call Scott Gorman. After my first phone call with Scott I immediately felt calm and a little comforted. I was leaving for India shortly for a business trip and Scott was going to have to handle the case without my presence. I trusted Scott to execute his job as my lawyer. Scott’s best quality was being able to explain exactly what motions were filed and what the prosecutor would do next...My ability to read legal documents is extremely limited but Scott would explain everything in layman’s terms, truly giving me a feeling of relief. I am quite sure that Scott had a multitude of cases but always found time to discuss my case even with me out of the country. My day in court finally arrived and I was nervous but Scott’s performance thus far was impeccable and it put my mind at ease. I was given a plea deal that included the dismissal of the charge of DWI. Thanks Scott!”

Ingrid N.

“I knew Scott Gorman was exceptional after our first phone call. His compassion and understanding gave me immediate peace of mind. Throughout my case Scott was professional, dedicated, and easily accessible. He has many special gifts, including being able to connect and relate so well with people. I felt he genuinely cared about my well-being and. I am truly grateful for Scott’s support. I recommend Scott Gorman to everyone who may need a brilliant attorney and a man with great character.”

Lynn C.

  “I was very pleased with Scott's work. I was being charged with a DWI, but overcame the situation with his help. His objective was to help me get rid of this potential DWI and that is exactly what he did. He goes above and beyond for his clients. Because of Scott, I can now continue my process of becoming a Marine.”

Karla R.

  “Scott really helped me out when I needed it most. He made a frightening, confusing, and tedious process as about as painless as it can get. I’m in law school myself now and without Scott, I'd have neither the inclination nor the opportunity. I'd highly recommend Scott if you need a dogged advocate looking out for your rights.


“I was arrested for a DWI and terrified of losing my license for up to a year. My husband’s lawyer recommended I retain Scott Gorman and I knew he was the right choice for me. Scott was intelligent, insightful, reliable, sharp, and treated me with respect. He was always available and prepared to answer any questions or concerns I may have had. His perseverance and exceptional attention to detail led to a very positive outcome. Scott treats his clients as if they were his own family and I would highly recommend him to others."  

Anita S.

  “Scott Gorman is responsible, reliable and very available to his clients. He handled my case with discretion (the recent case was an embarrassing situation) and expediency, getting the case dropped and as quickly as possible. If you are wrongly accused, your rights have been violated or you did commit a crime and need an aggressive advocate for your defense, Scott Gorman is the attorney to call.”


“I want to thank you for helping me and my family get through my DWI case. When we first met, I knew I was in the right hands. Throughout the process you did not treat me like a client, but a family member in trouble...I was in a desperate situation: facing a six month driving suspension, thousands of dollars of fines and a dramatic increase in my car insurance premiums. The worst part of my nightmare was not only the possibility of a DWI conviction, but I was shortly going to join millions of Americans out on the unemployment line. I was facing the possibility of having prospective employers run a background check and finding a DWI conviction on my driving record. I could not imagine finding an opportunity in this difficult job market and losing it because of a driving violation. All I wanted to do is provide for my family. Scott delivered a not guilty verdict on my DWI charge. My family and I will forever be thankful and indebted to you.”

Carlos M.

“I can’t say enough about what a difference Scott Gorman has made in my family’s lives. My children, like many others, have had their share of legal problems. Each time, Scott was there to offer his services. Through Scott, we have been able to secure very favorable outcomes, giving my children the opportunity to resume their lives and build futures for themselves without the stigma that often stains those who have gone through the criminal system.”